Useful Updates on Tupperware


Comments on: "Tupperware India Factsheet – Week 30 2012 Offers [July 22 2012 – July 28 2012]" (21)

  1. thank you !plz add rice keeper in 31 week

  2. pls add Mega magic flow in 31st week

  3. shalini said:

    thank u

  4. pradnya said:

    thanku plz add a multikeeper in 31 week

  5. Plus add cool in frtesh set in 31 week

  6. pls add iso duo and 10kg rice keeper in week 31

  7. priya ji how we know our point ? how we check by online?

  8. plzzz update 31st week factsheet….

  9. Eagerly waiting for the 31st week factsheet… Plz update it…

  10. Saranya please update week 31 factsheet quickly

  11. Please tell me the prices of MM Square 2 and MM Square 3

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